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Financing solar energy

Training 2 : Quality assurance for PV system

Training 2 : Quality assurance for PV system

Solar energy has shown the potential to become the backbone of Indonesia’s renewable energy development, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to support the net-zero emission (NZE) plan (Indonesia places the target at 2060 or sooner). To reach the 23% renewable energy target by 2025 according to Presidential Regulation No. 22/2017, 18 GW of solar is needed. The government also issued a national grand energy strategy with a target of 38 GW renewable energy by 2035 and prioritising solar energy.

IESR and BloombergNEF identified existing solar project pipelines of 2.7 GWac, with an investment value of US$3 billion. More investment, especially non-government funding is needed to jump start massive solar deployment; not only on the installation side, but also along the supply chain of the solar energy system.

The workshop will discuss challenges and propositions to break solar investment barriers in Indonesia, also facilitate investment opportunities for small and large scale solar project pipelines in short and medium term.


24 Jul 2023


7.00 AM

Ruang akan dibuka 30 menit sebelum acara dimulai


International Solar Alliance (ISA)


Moderator :

Mutia Prabawati

Akuo Energy

Jagjeet Shareen

Assistant Director General, International Solar Alliance

Elvi Nasution

Director of Solution Initiative

Co hosted by :

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