G20 solar experience and insights for Indonesia

Workshop 1 : G20 solar experience and insights for Indonesia

Workshop 1 : G20 solar experience and insights for Indonesia

G20 countries represent 90% of gross world products and 75% of international trade - effectively making the group at the forefront of important issues, including energy transition and specifically solar energy utilisation. While Global North countries started their transition early on, G20 Asian countries such as China and India both have emerged as solar powerhouses. With different settings, context, and in-country energy landscape, G20 countries' experience in driving solar energy growth can serve as insights, lessons learned, and recommendations basis for each other and other countries to accelerate solar deployment. They are particularly important for emerging economies looking to jump start solar energy development, such as Indonesia. With Indonesia holding the G20 presidency for 2022, it is also expected that the energy transition agenda will incorporate rapid development of renewable energy to meet climate targets.

The workshop will draw lessons from selected G20 countries in fostering solar deployment and how they are relevant for emerging economies - including but not limited to: policy framework, fiscal and financial instruments, market readiness, and human resources development.


20 Apr 2022


2.30 AM

Ruang akan dibuka 30 menit sebelum acara dimulai


International Solar Alliance (ISA) and BloombergNEF


Moderator :

Marlistya Citraningrum


Yudo Dwinanda Priadi

Minister’s Expert Staff on Strategic Planning, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Kanaka Arifcandang Winoto

Senior Business Developer, Mainstream Renewable Power

Ali Izadi-Najafabadi

APAC Research Head, BloombergNEF

Fabby Tumiwa

C20 Co-Chair

Co hosted by :

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