Rooftop PV mini-grid: Non-Governmental Assistance in Supporting the Energy Transition

The acceleration of the energy transition, especially in accelerating the utilization of rooftop solar power plants, has received support from various parties. The Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF) grant, which is a Market Transformation for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency through Design and Implementation of Appropriate Mitigation Actions in Energy Sector (MTRE3) project, allocates 23 billion for incentives for rooftop solar power plants. The SEF grant launched by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) together with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Indonesia and supported by the Ministry of Finance last February targets three categories; social, business, and household.

The purpose of the SEF grant is as an effort to encourage community involvement in the massive use of rooftop solar panels. Apart from being a non-governmental effort in encouraging the energy transition, the massive use of rooftop solar power plants is also an option for the community to be able to use clean and environmentally friendly energy. This incentive for renewable energy technology is also an example of a post-pandemic green recovery strategy because it focuses on small and medium enterprises, the social sector, and households. For the small and medium business sector, it is hoped that the SEF grants that have been rolled out can be put to good use and can provide a multiplier effect to support productive activities.

SEF incentives for rooftop solar power plants will certainly open up funding innovation options for financial institutions and related parties. The variety of financing innovations will be the main attraction for the community so that the solar energy market is increasingly massive and has an impact on the competitiveness of the domestic industry. More complete information regarding the criteria, requirements, and flow of SEF grant applications for PV mini-grid incentives can be accessed through the ISURYA Application ( or can be accessed through the "PVC Rooftop Incentives" page on

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