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IESR Participates in Celebrates Earth Day in Cilacap

Cilacap – In commemoration of Earth Day, which falls every April 22, the Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) took part in revitalizing the peak of Earth Day 2023 commemoration activities in Bulupayung Village, Kesugihan District, Cilacap Regency on Friday (12/5/2023). The activity is “Invest in Our Planet Through Sustainable Mining.”

During the event, the IESR team provided education on how to contribute to using environmentally friendly energy, especially at the household scale (PLTS roof), and implement the potential of renewable energy around them. Relevant IESR publications and studies in Central Java were also distributed to the visitors who attended the activity. Visitors are invited to animate the photo booth with the theme #InvestInOurPlanet.

In his opening remarks at the event, the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, reminded the importance of preserving natural resources so that they continue to benefit humans.

“Natural resources are the key to the wheels of a running economy, everything in nature can be used to meet needs and welfare, and as humans, we must protect and preserve it,” explained Ganjar Pranowo.

Meanwhile, Boedyo Dharmawan, Acting (Plt.) The head of the Central Java ESDM Service explained several other activities during the peak of the 2023 Earth Day commemoration activities. Boedyo presented the series of events aimed to protect the earth from extinction, mainly its natural resources have been used.

“At this moment of the Earth Day series, there are several important points of activity that we carry out, the inauguration of the Slamet Selatan Mining Association, the assistance of 4,000 tree seeds, appreciation for small to large scale miners who comply with Good Mining Practice (GMP) principles, technical and environmental. In addition, the awarding of Energy Independent Village (DME) was also carried out as the Energy and Water Saving Movement (HEA). Hopefully, sustainable management of the earth can be done for future generations,” he said.

Sustainable Energy Access Regional Program Staff, IESR, Riina Syivarulli hopes that the participants and visitors to the activity can become increasingly aware of the importance of awareness and take concrete steps to preserve the environment after visiting the IESR booth.

“On this occasion, IESR introduced the platform to find carbon emissions from our daily activities. There is also a Solar Hub platform if visitors want to know about rooftop PLTS. Many visitors tried the two platforms; some said they wanted to install a rooftop PLTS. Hopefully, more and more people will be interested in installing rooftop PLTS to reduce emissions and take advantage of renewable energy from home,” Riina said.

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