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High-Level Conference

  • Who will attend ISS 2023?
    Those who will attend the ISS 2023 are: Leading energy companies, businesses, and financial institutions from around the world. Academics, professionals, think tanks, and NGOs working on the multidisciplinary issue of the energy transition. Major policy and decision makers from G20 countries and ASEAN members, local governments in Indonesia. Embassies, development partners and associations with a focus on accelerating solar energy and the energy transition. International and national media Students and individuals interested in the future of energy, innovation and sustainability are also involved as partners in our community.
  • How can I see the live view of the activity?
    To be able to enter and view live broadcasts of activities, here are some things you must do: Registration via website Complete the registration form provided. Go to the "Agenda" page and select the session you want to view. Alternatively, please open the "Virtual Room" page.
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